Dry Rot Treatments Available in Hampshire

Protect your health by arranging for one of our expert team to carry out a dry or wet rot treatment in the affected areas of your property. Providing both dry and wet rot treatments, we swiftly and skilfully repair any damage. Contact us in, Gosport, Hampshire to learn more about the rot procedures we perform to the highest standard.

dry rot

Keeping Your Home Protected

Dry and wet rot can cause structural damage to your property and pose health hazards. Here at Tri-County Preservation, we offer effective rot treatments across Hampshire, Surrey, and the nearby areas.

An Experienced Team at Your Service

Rot must be swiftly dealt with to avoid damage to your property. At Tri-County Preservation, we are known for our rapid response and effective procedures to treat both dry and wet rot. We will remove all the affected areas and offer a re-building service where necessary. Rot spreads at a fast pace which is why it is recommended to also treat the unaffected areas to avoid damage occurring in the future. Based in Hampshire, we cover a large local radius, including Surrey and Wiltshire.

Wet Rot

Dry Rot

Dry rot is caused by an influx of damp, leading to masonry and timber breakage. Our experts will remove the rot from the affected areas and sterilise the surrounding brickwork and plaster.

Wet Rot

Wet rot develops by fungal growth due to damp conditions. Our proficient team will remove the damaged area and provide enough ventilation to ensure the area remains moisture-free.

Need a Rot Treatment?

Our expert team proficiently carry out all dry and wet rot treatments.

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