Effective Woodworm Treatments Available in Hampshire


Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm treatment involves the application of various methods to eradicate wood-boring insects, typically larvae of certain beetle species, from timber structures. This treatment is necessary to prevent further damage to wooden furniture, beams, and structural elements of buildings caused by woodworm
infestation. Although woodworm may not be visible to the human eye, you will know their presence when you find damaged wood with holes or powder around it. Fear not, as our expert team at Tri-County Preservation can effectively remove woodworm using a range of treatments. If the infestation is at an initial stage, we will use insecticide, and in more severe cases, we will use chemical treatments and fumigation as and when required. We serve across Hampshire, Surrey, and the nearby areas.


Structural Repair

The pinpricks in your timber can cause extensive structural damage. Post-treatment, we will restore and replace damaged woodwork to ensure your property is in great condition.

What Is Involved?

Woodworm - What Is Involved?

  • A Thorough Inspection

  • Diagnosis for Woodworm Infestation

  • Application of Insecticide

  • Chemical Treatment

  • Repairing Damaged Areas

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