Wall Tie Specialists in Hampshire

Depend on our expert team in Gosport, Hampshire to install stainless steel wall ties in your property. Alternatively, to arrange for one of our team to carry out an in-depth survey of your deteriorating cavity walls to identify any problems, please get in touch.

Old Wall

Cavity Walls

Cavity walls are designed to keep your walls away from damp and to improve the structure of the wall. If they deteriorate, they can cause damage to your building. When you hire us, we will conduct a thorough survey to determine the extent of the problem. With the use of a metal detector, we will detect the position of the existing wall ties and inspect their condition before replacing them. We guarantee that we will provide you with a competent repair service that keeps your property in a spectacular condition.

Cracked Wall

Replacement Process

We can fit stainless steel wall ties that are suitable for walls of varying widths. Our designs include mechanical, cementitious, and resin. From wall ventilation to wall insulation removal, we do it all.

Warning Signs

The warning signs you should be aware of include:

Wall Tie Replacements - Warning Signs

  • Horizontal Cracking

  • Bulging of the Wall

  • Internal Walls Cracking

  • Rising Damp

  • Deteriorating Condition of Old Walls

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